Las Vegas

From the dazzling lights of the strip to the spotlight in the arena, Rumble League stole the show at the Luxor Esports Arena where 10 influencers went head to head in a 5v5 showdown.

Team Secret

Recipe for humility: Give a pro team a couple of hours with your title and watch them beat you at your own game. Our devs got a little cocky...and then got put in their place. We’re running playtests with select esports teams from around the world. Think you can do better?


10 influencers joined us in the turquoise water of Ibiza on a 44-meter yacht to playtest Rumble League. As the sunset over the mountains, Kwebbelkop, Jelly, Azzyland, Sanna and Slogoman took on Caspar Lee, Josh Pieters, Jack Maynard, Archie Manners and Ambar Driscoll in a 5v5 match that three rounds couldn’t satisfy. Keep your eyes peeled for a rematch!